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dream a good dream

yeah so i have been having some really f*cked up derams lately. mostly about patrick, a boy that i have never met. he posted my most recent dream in his journal. i would give you the link to it, but its been to long and i dont remember how to do it, so oh well...

wow, so i guess that christain and myke broke up, i dont know this for sure. i know i shouldnt trust things i hear from a gay boy so im not going to believe it until i have some physical proof. i dont know why i care that they did, i just never thought that those two would of ever dated...(christian, hes not your type)
"je vousdres faire foutre comme animal?" great times, eddie taught me that, have to love eddie..
guess whos turning 19, yes thats right im 19 as of thursday. whoopdy freakin doo...is there anything that makes being 19 special..?? all i see it as is me getting closer to death... rant rave and rant some more....

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